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This Week

August 9th 6:00 PM Chiller North

** Current year USA Hockey Registration Required to Participate **

Next Week

8/11  7:50 PM Chiller North 

8/14 8:00 AM Chiller North (Possible)


CBUS Registration

We are in the process of forming Teams for the coming season. We will play locally and may have day trips to Cleveland, Dayton, Springfield and Wooster.

About Us

We are here to help you grow as person and help you develop as a hockey Player.  

Our mission is to help young people develop skills both individually and in a team environment so that they are prepared for everyday life and sport. Our vision is to bring a State Championship to the Central Ohio Area.   

To achieve these objectives we focus on improving habits and working hard.   We encourage each player to be committed to their craft, to be a great teammate and to have fun while doing so.



Preseason Format

Our teams typically compete from August until Mid October.  This allows us to provide an opportunity for OSHL players and CHC players to compete prior to their regular season.

We focus on preparing our members for the high school season while doing our best to allow them enjoy their Autumn High School experience. We take into account the cost of travel and overnight trips and do our best to explore options locally.  We do our best to be aware of homecoming and SAT/ACT testing when scheduling games.

Team Expenses

The cost to play has been in the range of $600 to $975 per player. For the 2020 Preseason our estimated cost is $525-625.  This budgeted amount will be used to cover expenses for Ice/Tournament fees, Coaches, Administration of Website and USA Hockey Team Registration.

Players may be charged an equipment deposit.  A portion of the deposit may be returned if equipment is returned prior to summer and is in reasonable condition

Players will be asked to purchase one jersey ($50-$95) and a pair of socks ($20).  All equipment that is not purchased (jersey and pant shell) is to be returned prior to Summer.  

The average cost per touch/ice time has been in the range of $18-$22 over the past 5 seasons. 

Master Schedule

July 13th HS Skate 8:20 PM Summer Skills and Scrimmage Easton
July 19th HS Skate 7:10 PM Summer Skills Ice Works
July 23rd HS Skate 5:45 PM Summer Skills and Scrimmage North
July 23rd OSU Alumni 9:20 PM Game North
July 28th HS Placement 8:20 PM Skills and Scrimmage North 3
July 30th OSU Alumni 8:20 PM Game North 2
August 2 HS Placement 8:20 AM Skills an Scrimmage North 3
August 4 HS Placement 6:30 PM Skills and Scrimmage North 1
August 9 HS Skate 6:00 PM Skills North 2
August 11 HS Skate 7:50 PM Skills North 2
August 14 HS Skate 9:00 AM Scrimmage North 2
August 18 HS Skate 7:00 PM Skills IH
August 21 HS Skate 6:50 PM Scrimmage North 2
August 23 HS Skate 4:45 PM Skills IW

Create an Account

This registration link will open following the start of tryouts.

Please have one parent (minimum) create an account with CBUS Hockey and SportsEngine.  Please include an email and phone number where you would like to receive team updates.

Please have each player create an account.  There will be text and email updates sent to the players throughout the preseason.

This registration will allow us to communicate with parents and players.


CBUShockey Columbus Hockey CBUShockey

2020 Teams - Quick Update

  • Our Goal is to help you improve.
  • We compete mostly during August, September and March
  • We look to play locally and have day trips to Cleveland, Dayton, Springfield and Wooster.
  • We anticipate a 10 game schedule.
  • Games will begin August 15/16th weekend